Crash Course: How to employ Internet to reach millions for Christ

We are living in an age when everybody is online with one another. In a world with a population of near 7 billion people, about a half of us use the Internet. Practically, EVERY PERSON will have access to the World Wide Web in ten years. This makes the Internet one of the most strategic tools for preaching the Gospel. 

To empower the global church with cutting edge tools, GlobeChristian produced a video crash course "Church Strategies in 21st Century". The idea was to equip every minister with easy-to-understand instructions on employing power of the Internet. Each episode is only about 5 minutes long, so make sure to watch all 15 episodes of the crash course!

Episode 1. New Methods

Episode 2. How It All Started

Episode 3. What Is The Internet

Episode 4. Ministers Online


Episode 5. Church Website

Episode 6. Social Networks

Episode 7. Television in 21st Century

Episode 8. Missionaries of Digital Age

Episode 9. Being Light of the World

Episode 10. Getting Media Coverage

Episode 11. Makers of Culture

Episode 12. A Driver of Enlightenment

Episode 13. Christians Connected

Episode 14. Internet Church

Episode 15. Technologies of the Future